Today is NET Cancer Day. Throughout social media today, you’ll see lots of zebras, and lots of stories of delayed diagnosis. Unfortunately, regardless of the type, neuroendocrine cancers tend to by asymptomatic, or to cause symptoms which are easily confused for more common health conditions.

To learn more, visit our Resources page for some links to pheo/para- and NET-related sites. If you see a friend posting a zebra image today, take the time to learn his or her story, and re-post to show your support. On Twitter, look for the hashtages #netcancerday or #netcancerawareness.

And remember, visit The Pheo Para Project YouTube Channel to see our collection of videos highlighting the stories of some of our friends who have been diagnosed with pheochromocytomas and/or paragangliomas.


NET Cancer Day

November 10 is NET Cancer Day. Our first project, a brief informational video designed to increase public awareness of pheos, paras, and the symptoms they cause, will be live on our YouTube channel that day. In addition, each participant’s complete individual story will be available for viewing.

Many heartfelt thanks to our brave contributors, who took a big step to help everyone dealing with pheos and paras by telling their stories publicly. This project wouldn’t exist without their participation. If you’d like to contribute going forward, please contact us and let us know. Our email address is pheo para project (no spaces) at gmail dot com.